PEAK Champion Award-Dr. Ilene Schwartz

For her more than 30 years working in special education, her championing of inclusion, and for mentoring hundreds of UW graduates in special education instruction, we are beyond excited to be presenting Dr. Ilene Schwartz with the PEAK Champion Award on June 10th.

Dr. Schwartz has been a professor and researcher in the UW’s Special Education program since 1991. In that time she’s continually demonstrated the power of inclusion and even developed a manual for teaching preschoolers with autism. Her work highlights the need for teachers to be willing to meet the unique needs and challenges of their students as well as allowing students to find joy in being at school.

Her insight has been shared with thousands through her TEDx talk “The Power of Inclusive Education” as well as her EDU Talk, “Inclusion Matters”.

We are honored to be hosting Dr. Schwartz at the PEAK event on June 10th and look forward to another inspirational speech!


If you haven’t yet, you can get your tickets for the PEAK event here. Join our community of parents, friends, and family to celebrate, share, and support the Aspiring Youth and Delphi Young Adults Programs.

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